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Notification Obligation for Measuring Instruments Pursuant to MessEG and MessEV

With the coming into force of the German measuring and verification act (MessEG), as well as the measuring and verification ordinance (MessEV), users of measuring instruments are required to report measuring instruments used for billing purposes to the responsible verification authority within six weeks.

In accordance with MessEG, previous initial verification of measuring instruments is no longer necessary. As a result, the verification authorities no longer have any knowledge of the location of the utilized measuring instruments. The legislators have introduced this notification requirement in order to ensure that effective use and/or market monitoring is still possible in the spirit of consumer protection.

Fundamentally, all new and refurbished measuring instruments covered by MessEG and/or MessEV must be reported. The notification obligation does not apply to dimensional standards such as weights, dispensing meters or auxiliary equipment.

According to § 32 MessEG, measuring instruments include all devices or systems with measuring functions which are intended for use in commercial or official transactions, or for the performance of measurements in the public interest. For example, if electrical power is sold via a calibrated MID meter on the basis of the number of supplied kilowatt hours – e.g. to a subtenant in a plant – this involves one or more measuring instruments in the sense of § 32 MessEG.

The notification obligation applies to all new and refurbished measuring instruments which have been placed into service as of the 1st of January, 2015. In the case of measuring instruments which were already in use before this point in time, notification is only necessary when they’re refurbished. If old instruments are installed as replacements, no notification is required.


What’s a "refurbished" measuring instrument?

If a measuring instrument which had already been placed into service has been modified to such an extent that a (renewed) conformity assessment has to be performed instead of verification (this decision is made by the responsible verification authority), the measuring instrument is deemed refurbished. A refurbished measuring instrument is equivalent to a new measuring instrument and must also be reported (again).

Who’s required to submit notification?

Anyone who uses new or refurbished measuring instruments or acquires measured values from such measuring instruments on behalf of the user is required to notify the authorities. In the case of measuring instruments read by the property manager or lessor himself, the user or the lessor must notify the verification authorities. The user is the person who has legal and actual control over the functions of the measuring instrument. Metering service providers who acquire measured values from measuring instruments on behalf of the user (e.g. for billing in the case of supply meters) are also required to submit notification pursuant to § 32 MessEG.

As of when must notification be submitted?

The use of new or refurbished measuring instruments must be reported within six weeks after the second measuring instrument of a given type has been placed into service. Alternatively, blanket notification is made as required by law according to § 32 (2) MessEG.

What does the verification authority want to know about the utilized instruments?

The type of instrument, its manufacturer, the type designation, the year in which the measuring instrument was labelled and the address of the person who uses the measuring instrument.

Official Information Sheet of the German Office of Weights and Measures